Since the founding of Bruce J. Spiewak, AIA  Consulting Architect LLC in 1982,  Bruce J. Spiewak, AIA, and his technical staff, have been providing a unique technical consulting service to Architects, Engineers, Code Officials, Contractors, Owners, Attorneys, Institutions, and others.  The firm’s work has been exclusively in the area of Building, Fire and Accessibility Code Compliance and Document review.  Bruce has a special interest in the concept of Building, Fire Safety and Accessibility Codes as an integral part of the Design Process.  The firm has worked with numerous clients from throughout the US on a wide variety of projects.

Bruce J. Spiewak, AIA, Consulting Architect LLC offers the following services:

New and existing building construction document review

Code consulting and review in the following areas in a variety of States and municipalities:

International Building Codes

International Residential Codes

International Fire Codes

International Mechanical Codes

International Plumbing Codes

International Fuel & Gas Codes

International Existing Building Codes

International Energy Conservation Codes

NFPA Life Safety Codes

NFPA Codes and Standards

National Electric Code (NEC)

ICC/ANSI A117.1 Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities.

2010 ADA

Historical Code review/consulting

Legal building code documentation preparation, review, and court testimony/deposition

Building and Site walkthroughs and inspections with written and photographic documentation

Advice concerning design and technical issues

Creating code modification request for local and state authorities

Representing your firm at the Local or State level for appeals of denied modification requests or of decisions of Local Code Officials

Please note that all opinions, information, comments, conclusions and recommendations provided to you as Code Consulting Services are professional opinions, for your use as requested. Jurisdiction for the enforcement of the Codes lies with the respective local and state Code Officials. It is not our intent to supersede the authority of the Code Officials.


Phone: (203) 931-9945

Location: 375 Morgan Lane Unit 405, West Haven, CT 06516