Company Practice

Since the founding of the firm in 1982, Bruce J. Spiewak, AIA, Consulting Architect, LLC (BJS) has been providing a unique technical consulting service to Owners, Architects, Engineers, Code Officials, Contractors, Attorneys, Institutions, and others.  Our recent work has been exclusively in the area of Code Compliance and Document review.  We have a special interest in the concept of Building, Fire Safety and Accessibility Codes as an integral part of the Design Process.

An important aspect of the Code Compliance Consulting profession is the ability to concentrate the practice on the ever-changing sets of regulations and laws which apply to buildings.  One must be aware of the new National codes and standards as they become available to be adopted by the various states. This office participates heavily in the code change process on a state level in Connecticut by submitting documented requests for code change and by attending the public hearings.  We also keep in close contact with the State Codes and Standards Committee and attend their meetings, in order to monitor the proposed changes prior to publication.  We keep abreast of proposed state laws and present testimony at public hearings for legislation which could affect the State Building and Fire Safety Codes.  We are in touch with the (new) CT State Department of Construction Services on the adoption schedule for the proposed new editions of the CT Building and Fire Safety Codes.

Through the creative use of the Code Modification Process, Bruce J. Spiewak, AIA, Consulting Architect, LLC has enabled the use of alternate safeguards where strict compliance with the provisions of the Codes would have involved practical difficulty or unnecessary hardship, or would otherwise have been unwarranted.


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